Terms & Conditions

Boring it may be, but a lot of this is IMPORTANT especially relating to cancellation and life-threatening nut allergies.
Please note that our maximum table size is 8, as we do not have a table large enough to accommodate any more than this.
Cancellation: Your reservation is made with Gayle O’Sullivan trading as Oak House Hotel (“the hotel”) and represents a legally binding contract between you and the hotel. Our cancellation policy is 24 hours before mid-day of expected arrival. If you enter into this contract (verbal or written), and do not cancel in the allotted time we reserve the right to charge for the first full night’s accommodation without any additional consent being required.
Special dietary requirements: We regret that we are not able to accommodate any person(s) with serious and/or life –threatening nut or food allergy as we cannot guarantee the provenance of every item of food in our kitchen.  
Smoking: All bedrooms are non-smoking, as are all public areas. Any bedrooms tainted by residual tobacco odours will be specially cleaned and aired over a 24-hour period and all charges resulting from this, both actual and loss of business (at prevailing b&b rates) will be charged to the credit card given. 
Dogs: We welcome dogs, provided they are well behaved, do not bite or bark. They are not allowed in the dining area at mealtimes. The exception to this is “working dogs”.
Damage: We reserve the right to charge for the replacement, cleaning or repair of any item(s) belonging to the hotel, or the fabric of the hotel itself, damages either willfully or because reasonable precautions have not been taken. In this event your credit card will be charged without prior consent being required or invoice issued to the person or company concerned. Invoice(s) will be provided for the cost incurred.