Access Policy

Arrival, main entrance and the dining area

On arrival, we ask all guests to use the entrance at the front. there is a porch with a step (17cm high) to the door and a doorbell on the right and there is also a threshold step into the property.
There is a door allowing you to gain access to the property from the car park with a threshold step and it is possible for a wheelchair to access the property through here but there is limited room for manouver.
We would be able to assist guests with luggage if required.
The main reception is accessed through the main entrance down a split level doorway with three steps.
Our dining area features eight tables for seating groups of two to eight persons. We have chairs of various sizes to ensure your comfort. We aim to cater for all dietary requirements (except nut allergies).


At the Oak House Hotel, Wellingborough, we have 14
en-suite rooms for you to choose from. There are rooms with single and double beds, as well as twin single beds – so you can choose an en-suite depending on your requirements.
Approximate room sizes and locations can be found here.
Emergency evacuation information is on the back of the bedroom door.
Want to learn more about the local attractions? Get in touch with us to find out more.

Public Areas

All corridors, stairs and landings are carpeted and well lit. There is a public WC on the first floor and a TV lounge with comfortable seating on the ground floor. We have a sitting room with a card table and seating, and a variety of books, games and visitor attraction leaflets. 
We also have fire call points, bells, extinguishers and signage to guide you in the event of an emergency situation.